Mon, If you don't breathe, there is no air. If you don't walk, there is no earth. If you don't speak, there is no word.

လမျီုမည်ဂှ် အရေဝ်မည်ရ။ အရေဝ်မည်ဂွံဗိုန်ဂှ် လိက်ရောၚ် ဗဗိုန်ပခိုၚ်ကဵု။
ဟိုတ်ဂှ်ရ လမျီုမည် ညံၚ်ဟဂွံတိတ်အာ နူမည်ဂှ် အရေဝ်မည် မည်ဟီုညိ ဂးညိ။ လိက်မည်ဂှ် မည်ကတ်ညိ ချူညိ။

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ညးမချူပတိုန်ထ္ၜး - လဂ္ဂန်ရာံ | တ္ၚဲဒိတ္ထဳ Friday, October 09, 2009

The Mon language is an Austroasiatic language spoken by the Mon, who live in Burma and Thailand. Mon, unlike most languages in the Southeast Asian region, is not tonal. Mon is spoken by less than a million people today. In recent years, usage of Mon has declined rapidly, especially among the younger generation. Many ethnic Mon are monolingual in Burmese. In Burma, the majority of speakers live in Mon State, followed by Tanintharyi Division and Kayin State.

The Mon script is derived from Indian Brahmi script and is the source of the Burmese script.
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