Mon, If you don't breathe, there is no air. If you don't walk, there is no earth. If you don't speak, there is no word.

လမျီုမည်ဂှ် အရေဝ်မည်ရ။ အရေဝ်မည်ဂွံဗိုန်ဂှ် လိက်ရောၚ် ဗဗိုန်ပခိုၚ်ကဵု။
ဟိုတ်ဂှ်ရ လမျီုမည် ညံၚ်ဟဂွံတိတ်အာ နူမည်ဂှ် အရေဝ်မည် မည်ဟီုညိ ဂးညိ။ လိက်မည်ဂှ် မည်ကတ်ညိ ချူညိ။

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ညးမချူပတိုန်ထ္ၜး - လဂ္ဂန်ရာံ | တ္ၚဲဒိတ္ထဳ Wednesday, May 16, 2007

This Pegu Flag is seen on the website, The details of this flag are not mentioned. Only the year ,1757, of which Pegu was destroyed by Aungzeya, is seen under the frame of the flag. Here I do not add that year under the flag. If you want to see it, just click the website above.

The following is the date and a short chronological notes which are mentioned on that website:
  • 825 --(Mon)Kingdom of Pegu comprises part of present-day Southeastern Burma and West-central Thailand.
  • 1044-1287 --Under rule of Kingdom of Pagan.
  • 1539-1580 --Burmese occupation.
  • 1551 --Burmese occupation; part of Kingdom of Ava
  • 1740 --Kingdom of Pegu briefly recovers independence during the collapse of Ava.
  • 1757 --Re-incorporation into Ava.
  • 20,Dec, 1852 --Annexed to British India.

  • 1740-1747 --Smim Htaw Buddhaketi
  • 1747-1757 --Binnya Dala. (d. 1773) This year was the year of the death of Binnya Dala.

By looking into these years mentioned above, this Pegu flag, a red field and a yellow face of Sun with its white ray, had been used for 932 years from 825 to 1757.

2 ကသပ်ညးဗွဟ်လိက်ဂမၠိုၚ်:

Mon-YMCA said...

Do you really think this is really Mon flag. I don't think so. Last year we celebrated Burma at here. My friend, Thomas, printed the flag for Mon flag in celebration.He got it from Google. But I still don't think so. If you have some commentations, please tall more about that.

လဂ္ဂန်ရာံ said...

I am, also, not sure wether this flag is a real Mon flag used in the former time.

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