Mon, If you don't breathe, there is no air. If you don't walk, there is no earth. If you don't speak, there is no word.

လမျီုမည်ဂှ် အရေဝ်မည်ရ။ အရေဝ်မည်ဂွံဗိုန်ဂှ် လိက်ရောၚ် ဗဗိုန်ပခိုၚ်ကဵု။
ဟိုတ်ဂှ်ရ လမျီုမည် ညံၚ်ဟဂွံတိတ်အာ နူမည်ဂှ် အရေဝ်မည် မည်ဟီုညိ ဂးညိ။ လိက်မည်ဂှ် မည်ကတ်ညိ ချူညိ။

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ညးမချူပတိုန်ထ္ၜး - လဂ္ဂန်ရာံ | တ္ၚဲဒိတ္ထဳ Monday, May 14, 2007

By holding the Hongsawatoi Fallen Memorial Day on the month of May, 8, 2007, reminds the Mon people to remember how brutality Aungzeya was during his invasion to Monland and conquered the city of Hongsawatoi, it's also called Pego or Bago, in 1757.

Now it has been 250 years since then. During these 250 years, without a country, the Mons have been facing many difficulties on how to survive their existence in the world, especially in Burma and Thailand. The most in danger is their language, which once had great influences over Southeast Asia.

***The Mon language needs ...
  • Standardization of orthography, references books
  • Teaching beyond secondary school level
  • Standardization of neologisms
  • More popular publications, including novels
  • Daily newspapers
  • Programmes on TV and radio
... and Mon will survive many more centuries.

*** ဂလာန်လတူဂှ် ကံက်နၚ်နူလိက်ကၞပ် - The Mon Language of Southeast Asia: a language near death for centuries ဘာသာမန် အရေဝ်ကြပ်ချိုတ်တၟာလလံ၊၊ အ္စာလိက်ကၞပ် Mathias Jenny, 07.05.2007
Mathias Jenny ယၟုဝွံ ညးဂှ်ရော၊၊ သၟိက်ဂွံတီတဝှ်စလာဲညးမ္ဂး ပံက်ဗှ်မုက်လိက်ဏံညိ၊၊

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